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Day-care centres

Karine Engebretsen Endret:23.11.2018 10:12 Emneord (los) Barnehage


Halden has

  • 8 municipal day-care centres
  • 32 privately operated day-care centres
  • Full day-care coverage
  • Several day-care centres are new or newly refurbished
  • Adult education programmes

The main admission period is coordinated and takes place 15. March. You can apply throughout the year and admission runs consecutively whenever there is vacancy.

Applications are internet-based and you can find the application forms by clicking Apply for admission to day-care centres
Please feel free to contact Halden municipality's service office for further information about the day-care centres in Halden on tel no: 69 17 45 00 or e-mail: postmottak@halden.kommune.no
You can find information about the different municipal day-care centres here.
This information, however, is not translated into English, but the contact information will help you get in touch with the day-care centres relevant to you.
For questions regarding financial assistance such as child support, family allowance, maternity leave, parental and child benefits, carers leave and benefits, benefits for single parents – please contact NAV - (The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service) 
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