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Facts about Halden

Karine Engebretsen Endret:19.11.2018 08:12 Emneord (los) Byen og kommunen
  • Halden.JPGHalden is located in the county of Østfold
  • Area: Ca 600 square km
  • In terms of area, the largest muncipality in Østfold county
  • Inhabitants: Approximately 31.000
  • Border on:
    • The Norwegian muncipalities of Hvaler, Sarpsborg, Rakkestad and Aremark
    • The Swedish muncipalities of Strømstad, Dals-Ed and Tanum
  • Border crossing:
    • Svinesund - new and old bridge
    • Berby/Tyslingmoen
    • Holtet
    • Kornsjø

Halden has a special coat of arms.

Halden coat of arms is on it`s present design and accepted by the city council on th 13.12.1927.
The motif was settled all ready when the city got citypreligiums.Kommunens byvåpen

The motif sights to the community councils in the Sweden war from 1658-1660 and to the construction of Fredriksten fortress on the mountain over the city. After the description in the letter by the king was there made a sign, that still are keeping safe and sound.

The oldest well known pressure is from 1707. The motif is also on the community weapons banners from 1702 until 1704. Around 1840 was still a motto language ALWAYS HOPE, sat in the middle in the seal.
The name Halden was reunited in 1928, and then it was contemporary trace changed that the text and year now stands in the board outermost.
The city got the flag in 1936. There the warrior stands with the date of the year and the motto language for the city. 
Opprettet: 25.01.2011 09:12

Halden kommune - Postboks 150, 1751 Halden - Storgata 8, 1771 Halden - Telefon 69 17 45 00 - Telefax 69 18 00 58
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