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Addiction and mental health services

Lisa Gustavsen Endret:23.11.2018 10:07 Emneord (los) Rus og psykiatri


Mental helse.jpgSubstance abuse and mental health service provides services to people with mental disorders and/or substance abuse. 

The area is organized into several subdivisions and localized in what used to be St.Joseph hospital. This bilding are now renovated and the departments of psychiatry and substance abuse are part of this building

The service is led by the area manager Marit Skauge Johnsen. 

Psychiatric team
Psychiatry team consists of nurses and social workers, all with training in mental health work. They provide a service for people with mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and more serious conditions.

Follow-up Service intoxication
The service provides users with help in coping with their lives. This means a lot of work motivation but also problem solving in relation to life with drugs. Follow-up service has a partnership with NAV in the extension of their users' needs.

Activity center
Activity Centre is a leisure and recreational activities for people with mental disorders.
Here you will include emphasis on networking and social relationships. The purpose is to provide a better quality of life and prevent isolation and loneliness. The center places great emphasis on user interaction.

Konglelundveien homes
Konglelundveien homes are for people with chronic mental illness. The offer consists of 22 units of which one are organized with permanent staff. Residents in Konglelundveien receive a comprehensive service in their own homes.

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