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Home Care

Lisa Gustavsen Endret:23.11.2018 10:09 Emneord (los) Hjemmesykepleie

Home care.jpgUnit home-based services include various areas;
ambulatory home-based services (home care) and care homes for varying needs.

Residential homes have a housing adapted to persons with disabilities. Several care homes have the opportunity to take home residents in need of clock time-limited follow-up on so-called Relief-or short-term spaces. Care homes have total 168 seats, 7 relief and short-term spaces and a guest apartment.
The unit has accommodation adapted for people with different needs for assistance and physical and / or mental retardation. There are 75 apartments with connections to the service apartment with personnel associated with each property.
Ambulatory home-based services provide care at home users and contribute so that many can stay at home despite illness and / or disability.

The unit's many talented employees - approx. 650 posts, interact to meet users' needs with expertise and services.


Marianne Horgen is head of home services

Contact information: marianne.horgen@halden.kommune.no
Cellular phone: 40239852

Opprettet: 26.08.2011 12:32

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