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Health and Welfare

Health and Welfare

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Helse2.jpgThe Health and Welfare sector offers a wide range of services.
Citizens in need of assistance from the local authority can contact the community sevice senter, 
phone: 69 17 45 00 and they will pass on information about the different services.

The municipality has emergency services to meet the need for immediate help.
You contact the emergency room when it is not possible to make contact with your doctor. Phone: 116 117 

Health Nurse Service provides health services and also has maternity and parental preparation courses, divorce groups for schoolchildren and "good relationships" course.

Family House
Os Allè 4, 1777 Halden

Health clinics for adolescents
Health clinics for adolescents is a low threshold service for young people between 13-20 years. There is no need for appointment, and the services are free. It is staffed with a nurse, doctor and psychologist.
Phone: 69 17 46 62

Home Care 
Home Care makes it easier for citizens with special needs to stay at home. This includes senior citizens, the chronically ill, patients recovering from surgery and the disabled. Read more abouth Home Care.

Nursing Home
Halden have four nursing homes for senior citizens. Nursing homes are for people who need nursing and care services at all hours. Read more abouth Nursing Home.
Addiction and mental health services
Substance abuse and mental health service provides services to people with mental disorders and / or substance abuse. Read more abouth Addiction and mental health services.
Rehabilitation & Activity
The area includes services such as habilitation and rehabilitation, as well as labor and activity.
They has a focus on mastery, independence, activity and participation. Read more abouth Rehabilitation & Activity.

Norway and health. An introduction.
This publication gives a brief introduction to the principal elements of the structure and activities of the Norwegian health system, with a slight bias to the work under the responsibility of the Norwegian Directorate of health.

Children and young people with disabilities – what are the family’s rights?
Children and young people with disabilities and their families need a number of services which are often provided by many different public bodies and institutions. Rights are laid down in laws and regulations and only to a small degree available in a collective form. Many people spend a great deal of time and energy searching through legislation and available services. This booklet aims to simplify their search.

Handbook on municipal health and social services 

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