Recreational activities

Recreational activities

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Services of culture and sports in Halden municipality

  • The fortress with all it has to offer
  • Culture hall - Brygga Kultursal
  • Culture school, rock centre and youth centre
  • Rich music and amateur theatre scene

Cultural block

  • Theatre, cinema, library, recording studio, school of the performing arts, youth club, the Konservativen community centre and Black Box
  • Drama groups
  • Seven marching bands, nine choirs
  • Halden is best known for success in orienteering, bicycling and swimming
  • Around 47 sports clubs with approximately 9000 memebers
  • Skating rink, swimming pool, new sports stadium, three football pitches with artifical grass, bowling and artifical snow facilities
  • Five recreational cabins
  • Six lighted skiing paths
  • Signposted hiking paths all over the muncipality

Voluntary groups and organisastions

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