Plan and prepare

Plan and prepare

Here you will find information that will help in the early stages of relocating. 

Useful sources

Norden is a website that holds a wide variety of information that is helpful when relocating and living in Norway. For any questions you may have, click on any of the categories that are shown that you want answers to.

Website from the site that holds a lot of information, just click on the category of question you have and you will most likely find your answers.

This is an overview from the site of what you should remember if you are planning to move to Norway. Includes information about customs, tax, registration, work, insurance rights, schools and housing.

The site New in Norway gathers information from Norwegian authorities that you may find useful in your new life in Norway.

Here you will find information about the most important things you need to know before you travel to Norway.

Electronic ID and digital services

Here you will find information about what an electronic ID is and how to get it, also what digital services an e ID opens the door to.

Norway is a society that utilizes electronics to manage a lot of documentation, ID and applications in everyday life. Therefore, it is recommended to acquire an e ID in order to use such digital services.

In order to acquire an e ID you need a D number.  A how to get a D number can be found here at Skatteetaten. 

You will also find the information here at

Norway is a society that frequently utilizes cashless payment between citizens and businesses. While psychical money is still used and an accepted currency nationwide, most payments done in Norway are contactless . One such solution that has a lot of usage is Vipps. This payment solution is used a lot to transfer money between acquaintances or even businesses in some cases.

What Vipps is and how to acquire the mobile payment solution used frequently between the population, can be found here in this link.

While Vipps does not have an English version of their website, the terms and conditions are written in it, and should be able to provide some additional information if you want to know more about the service.

Set up first bank account

Here at, you will find information about how to open a bank account, take loans. Also contains some information about BankID and other digital identification.

You will also find it here at the site from the University of Oslo.

Application help

Here you will find guidance on required paperwork for various applications and how to apply.

UDI is responsible for processing applications from foreign nationals who wish to visit or live in Norway. UDI has a checklist for which documents you need to hand in with your application. The checklists are based upon which application you are filing. 

Learn Norwegian

If you are not sure where you should start when it comes to learning Norwegian, we strongly recommend checking out this link from Oslo kommune, from the Oslo website for expats - welcome to Oslo.

It takes you through the importance of learning Norwegian. It touches upon finding the right Norwegian course, some of these links are tailored towards Oslo, so we will provide alternatives here:

You can take Norwegian language tests from A1 to B2. Read about it here: Note, parts of the website is in Norwegian, click on the “english text” box to read about the courses you can take in Østfold. The “Learn Norwegian on a budget” tab has plenty of resources to online courses and apps/youtube channels. Note that some links are again tailored to Oslo.

Volunteers also offers to help others to learn Norwegian. Click on this link and ask Frivilligsentralen Halden about these language cafés.