Healthcare and emergency services

Healthcare and emergency services

Here you will find what you need to know about healthcare in Norway and emergency medical services.

Emergency phone numbers

110: Fire

112: Police

113: Ambulance

Your general practioner, out-of-hours service and emergency

In Norway we have a three-step health service when you need medical assistance:

  1. ​Your General Practitioner (GP) during opening hours.
  2. Your local out-of-hours medical centre on 116 117 when your GP is unavailable and you need medical assistance that cannot wait until your GP is available. The number is toll free. 
  3. 113 in case of an emergency. The number is toll free. 

Your general practioner

Your GP or your GP's surgery is your main point of contact within the health service. If you need assistance during the daytime, you should call your GP or your GP's office first. Your GP will assess the urgency of your situation and will normally give you an appointment on the same day if necessary. You should always contact your GP regarding sick-leave, prescription renewals and chronic and known complaints which are not deteriorating rapidly.

Here at you will find how to get in touch with your general practioner.

Out-of-hours service

The out-of-hours medical center offers help when your GP's office is closed, and the help cannot wait. This also applies if you are not near your GP, for example if you are on holiday or travelling. It is recommended that you call the out-of-hours medical center for an assessment before you decide whether or not you need to go to the center. Good advice over the phone can often be sufficient.

When you arrive at the emergency room, you must always contact the staff. They will then make a quick assessment of you (the patient) and assessment of the urgency of your situation. Those with the most critical condition get to the doctor first. If you have to wait, it's because others need the help sooner.

The out-of-hours service in Halden is located at this address: Kjærlighetsstien 28, 1781 Halden. Here is the link to the webpage.

When you use services from out-of-hours medical centres, you must pay a user fee if you do not have a free card.

Emergency - call 113

In the event of an accident or serious incident where you need emergency medical assistance, you should call 113.

Health insurance

Here at you will find an overview of some of the central health rights and services in Norway. 

Norwegian air ambulance foundation

Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation has made an app that gathers all emergency numbers in one place so you can easily call the right emergency service. It also sends positional coordinates and shows nearest defibrillator.

Visit the webpage here and follow the instructions.